Weight-Loss Supplements

Why Weight-Loss Supplements are Becoming More Popular

There really are a whole lot of individuals fighting with obesity and other weight-related problems these days. When a traditional diet plan doesn’t seem to be working, we will naturally start looking for some other solution. We are currently living in a time when we are used to having a pill to fix our ailments. If you get sick, you go to the doctor for a pill. If you have a headache, you go to your medicine cabinet for a pill. So, naturally, if you just can not seem to lose the extra weight, you will wish for a pill to help you in your struggles. Doctors and scientists have recognized this need and have been developing a wide variety of weigh-loss Supplements over the course of the past years. It only seems natural that since some people seem predisposed to be overweight, there should be a medicinal way to help them overcome this issue. As scientists work to figure out the connection between the body’s chemistry and weight, there are more and more Supplement options popping up on the market, giving customers more choices in their weigh-loss journey.

Always remember to talk to doctor before starting any weight-loss Supplement to be sure it won’t interact with any of your other medications. Also plan to adopt certain lifestyle modifications along with the Supplement. Remember how I said there was no magic pill? Well, it is true. Supplements will certainly give you that extra step up, but you will also have to maintain an active lifestyle and work on adopting a healthy diet as well. Start slow with exercise if you are not used to working out. Walking and swimming are good, easy starter exercises that most anyone can do. From there, you can work your way up to more strenuous exercises, such as strength training and running, as you lose the weight and gain more energy and a stronger body. Eating a healthy, low-fat and low-sugar diet will also give you more energy for exercise and help you loss weight at the same time.

The Most Effective Ingredients in Weight-LossĀ Supplement

There are a multitude of weight-loss Supplements on the market these days, offering customers so many options for help meeting their weight-loss goals. When it comes to prescription Supplements, there are currently many popular Supplement options to look into. Ask your doctor about these Supplements, sold under a number of different brand names. Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor that blocks the body’s absorption of fat from food. Phentermine and topiramate are two drugs that are often used together in a prescription to suppress appetite and reduce the amount of food you eat during the day. Lorcaserin activates serotonin receptors in the body that regulate hunger to suppress your appetite. By attempting to control your appetite, the theory is that lorcaserin will allow you to feel full even after having eaten less food. Liraglutide is an injectable prescription medication that helps you feel full sooner. This should help you eat less food and, therefore, lose more weight. Naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride work together to affect the body’s central nervous system, reducing your appetite and increasing the number of calories you burn throughout the day. Phentermine is meant to be taken only for short periods at a time. This drug works by decreasing your appetite. Be advised that this drug also has the potential to become habit-forming, however.

OTC and herbal SupplementsĀ are widely available at health-food stores and drug stores everywhere. Garcinia cambogia is growing in popularity. This natural weight loss Supplement comes from a pumpkin-like fruit that grows in warm climates. Forskolin is a natural extract from the coleus plant and claims to be a fat blocker. Hoodia, extracted from a flowering plant, is an herb often sold as a hunger suppressant. You can consume hoodia either in pill, powder or tablet form. Green tea, often purported to help dieters lose weight, can be consumed as a pill or beverage. There are a number of different green tea options sold right in the grocery store. Choose from a wide variety of flavors as well. Other herbal and OTC Supplements include glucomannan (a fiber supplement), conjugated linoleic acid and raspberry ketones. There has also been much talk about using fiber supplements for weight loss. Fiber causes a feeling of fullness, therefore helping you to eat less.

The Most Popular Products

There are three different types of weight-loss Supplements – prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) and herbal Supplements. Prescription Supplements do require a visit to the doctor for a written prescription. Oftentimes these pills also require a certain degree of obesity that some looking to lose weight may not have. In fact, many of these prescriptions – including those containing – lorcaserin, liraglutide, and a combination of phentermine and topiramate – require a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 30 or a BMI of 27 and higher along with a weight-related medical condition, like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. Dieters also will need to adopt a low-fat diet while taking many of these pills or they risk experiencing very uncomfortable side effects. All Supplements need to be combined with lifestyle modifications to maintain any weight loss.

OTC Supplements do not require a doctor’s visit (although it is still recommended) or a prescription. You can usually find these at many grocery, drug and wellness stores. Be advised, though, that these are also not approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. Claims of effectiveness may be embellished and you still need to be concerned with how these Supplements can interact with any other Supplements, vitamins or medications you may already be taking. The third type of weight-loss supplement available is herbal supplements. These are also available without a prescription. They tend to be a more natural option, but are also without FDA approval for safety and effectiveness. Take any claims made by the manufacturers of these Supplements with a grain of salt. Often you will have to try them for yourself before you know if they will indeed work for your weight-loss needs.

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