Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that really focuses on getting the right foods and nutrition into your system. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about feeling full and eating healthily. Nutrisystem was designed 35 years ago and has helped many people loss weight and keep it off. Its ready prepared food, shakes and online or telephone support is what makes up the core of this weight loss system. It’s great for people who require an easy and simple way to lose weight and to keep it off.


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How Nutrisystem Works

After plenty of research and scientific studies, Nutrisystem found that breaking the plan down into three main elements really helped. These are: Portion Control, Balanced Nutrition and Frequent Meals. The portion control side of things is done for you, there’s no counting, no weighing, no points to follow, the food is already weighed out for you. The balanced nutrition is important to make sure you body is getting the right amount and mixture of nutrients to keep you satiated and strong. Frequent meals are great for those who have found problems with feeling hungry with other weight loss plans or calorie counting, by eating six times a day you’ll never go hungry.

Nutrisystem does work like many other diet plans in the sense that it will control your calories, eating less than you burn will always result in weight loss. The advantage of this plan however is that you don’t have to spend any time or effort working out what’s right or best for you as they have done all the hard work for you. If extra protein is required then they also have a small range of shakes that can be added, this is good if you’re wanting to preserve muscle or you’re very active and need to up your intake a little bit to avoid getting hungry. Nutrisystem also have something called the Fast 5+ kit that you use for the first week that use these shakes and pre-prepared meals. The claim Nutrisystem makes is that you will lose 5 pounds or you get your money back for that week. This is a good way of kick starting your body and mind into losing weight.

What Does Nutrisystem Offer?

Nutrisystem has a few different plans with different prices and they can change over time. The website shows up to date details so it’s best to check there and pick a plan that suits you. From week one you are given a kit that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two shakes. From week two onwards you get breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and men get an extra snack due to them needing more calories overall. Nutrisystem send you the food in bulk so you’ll have to make sure that you have space in your cupboard or freezer in order to store it and keep it fresh. The food however will not spoil and has long dates on it so if you wanted to swap a meal and have another at a later stage you will be ok as they do not need to be chilled. You are also expected to add your own fresh food such as fruits and vegetables to eat alongside your Nutrisystem meals.

Nutrisystem pre-prepared meals are also portable, this means that they are packaged in a way that you can move them easily, you can take them to work, to a friends house or wherever you like. Nutrisystem also promote exercise, they break this down for you into a plan where you do three 10 minute sessions a day and provide and extensive list of fun and interesting exercises to perform. Nutrisystem base their fitness guidelines on scientifically suggested levels and also take into account your fitness levels so you won’t be finding it too hard and give up. You can track your progress and weight online so you know where you’re up to and how near to your goal you are, the site also includes member benefits including information from dietitians, counsellors and has a member community for support. Nutrisystem even takes the diet of diabetics and vegetarians into account.

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