Megatropin is your ticket to a better, more effective workout – and a whole lot more. Expect your sexual performance to go through the roof as your testosterone levels increase. Using a formula based on natural herbs and proven ingredients, you can expect noticeable results within the first couple of weeks of trying this highly effective formulation.

What is Megatropin

Megatropin is a bodybuilding supplement made up of key natural ingredients that help your body boost its own metabolic rates and the production of testosterone. You’ll see improved endurance in the gym – and in the bedroom, letting you work out longer and keep your sexual partners more than satisfied. Taken alone or in conjunction with other supplements, Megatropin can result in increases of muscle mass of up to 35%.

The benefits of Megatropin

The body produces its own testosterone, a sex hormone that governs a long list of bodily functions. Production peaks between the ages of 18 and 30 and then begins to drop. That slow decline can manifest itself in a range of symptoms including decreased libido and sexual function along with stubborn weight gain and an inability to lose weight at the same time. Low testosterone levels or low-T can be experienced at any point typically after age 30 and symptoms may be felt even before they reach the levels that clinically define low-T. Along an overall lack of energy and stamina along with many other symptoms, it can also account for that stubborn inability to gain the kind of muscle mass or that ripped look you see other guys sporting.

Along with building muscle more easily, you’ll notice other enefits from using Megatropin in and out of the gym, including:

  • Reduced recovery times between workouts
  • Increased libido and sexual stamina
  • Improved concentration and focus

You can’t over-state the importance of healthy hormone balances for optimal functioning of the body’s processes. Megatropin uses the latest science to help you get the most out of your workout and regain or improve a range of other functions.

Powerful Ingredients in Megatropin

The Megatropin formula is based on key herbal ingredients that have a long history of use – and which are backed up by modern research and clinical study. You can count on the effectiveness of this bodybuilding supplement.

  • Tongkat Ali is also called Eurycoma longifolia by its Latin name or pasak bumi in a street market in Malaysia, where it grows. It has been used throughout Southeast Asia for centuries as an endurance booster, both in terms of athletic and sexual performance. Modern research so far has backed up the ancient claims.
  • Saw Palmetto has been proven by many research studies to aid in prostate health and in the treatment of certain types of enlarged prostate. It has also been used for generations as a libido enhancer by improving the production of testosterone – which is also why it helps to protect the prostate.
  • Sarsaparilla is derived from a vine that grows in the tropical rainforests of South America and the Caribbean regions. Extracts from the root have long been used alone and in conjunction with other medicines to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis and skin disorders. The indigenous people of the Americas have long used the root of the plant as a natural aphrodisiac and libido enhancer. It is rich in natural plant steroids.
  • Horny Goat Weed has been used in China as a libido enhancer for thousands of years. Modern research has begun to corroborate centuries of evidence with studies that epimedium, which is the active ingredient in the herb, acts in a similar fashion to the drugs currently used for erectile dysfunction in increasing blood flow.
  • Boron is a mineral, an element represented by the letter B. Its important role in the body has been well documented. It is involved in building bones and muscles and in boosting testosterone levels, among other benefits. It is used in the treatment of many conditions, including osteoarthritis.

Research-based and anecdotal evidence alike tell us these ingredients are effective in helping to boost testosterone levels and increase sexual function. Hormone health is one of the key components to overall good health. Without the right balance of hormones in the body, all functions tend to deteriorate and dampen, including mental as well as physical performance. By taking Megatropin, you’re not just taking a supplement designed to improve muscle mass and physical endurance, you’re helping to improve your overall health.

Megatropin Reviews

Alessandro from Miami writes:
[p]I’ve used many workout supplements in the past with very limited results. A little while ago, some friends of mine at the gym tried Megatropin and even I could see the results. They were surpassing me in terms of muscle building ability and endurance and I had to know why. That’s when they told me about Megatropin. I looked it up online and tried their free offer – and now I can’t say enough about this bodybuilding wonder. I can work out longer and harder and recover more quickly. It’s really put me on the fast track.[/p]

Gerald T. from Seattle writes:
[p]After the initial rush of improving my physique with bodybuilding, I seemed to quickly find myself at a plateau I just couldn’t get over. I had developed muscle but I still didn’t have anywhere near the ripped look I wanted. I found Megatropin online and ordered the free trial. I’m glad I did! It really helped me get over the hump and get to the next level of weight training. And I’ll just say one more thing: my girlfriend says thank you to Megatropin too. That endurance isn’t just for the gym![/p]

Zhang L. from Long Beach, California writes:
[p]I’ve been working out for a few years and I wanted to make the leap into the competitive circuit. My trainer told me I wasn’t ready yet and that I had a ways to go in terms of building muscle mass and definition. Then a friend told me about Megatropin. He said it let him work out longer and let him train more effectively. I had to try it and I’m so glad I did. My trainer was amazed at my improvements just within the first few weeks.[/p]

Our Megatropin Test

There’s only one way to test the results of a bodybuilding supplement: take it to the gym. We did just that, bringing Megatropin to several different workout gyms in our area. We ended up with a group of about 25 guys for our informal Megatropin trial. The youngest was 18 and the oldest in his early sixties and they were all looking to get better results from their workout routines. Like most bodybuilding enthusiasts, they’d tried a number of different products with very mixed results. Here’s what we heard after the trial period: increases in muscle mass, improved endurance for more reps and harder, more effective workouts. Many said they saw improved concentration and focus. Just about everybody reported better sexual performance and lots of happy partners.


Megatropin is your key workout partner. It works by using naturally sourced extracts to stimulate the body’s own production of testosterone. The formulation is based on natural ingredients that have been proven both by time and modern scientific research to be effective. You’ll be able to work out harder and last longer in the gym and beyond.

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