Are you starting to look your age? Do people no longer mistake you for being younger than you are? Do you want your skin to look more youthful and radiant? Try this new break-through skin care product and start seeing results today. Want immediate results? Try the 90 Packets. These little travel-sized packs really pack a punch. They reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines in just a short 90 seconds!

About Luminique

This brand of skin care products is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Fiorillo MD, a New York-based plastic surgeon who has worked on many celebrities and television stars. He and a team of skin science researchers developed this skin line at the Hydroxatone Labs. The products offered in Dr. Fiorillo’s skin care line include the Age-Defying Complex, a moisturizer containing the Trisome Plus Complex that will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger; a cleanser to wash away dirt, impurities and oils; a toner to minimize the appearance of pores; and a box of 90 Packets, individual packets of the 90-second wrinkle reducer. Enjoy anti-wrinkle results in just 90 seconds wherever the day takes you!

The Powerful Ingredients of Luminique

The Luminique skin care line utilizes a blend of age-defying marine botanicals and enzymes. These enzymes are derived from algae extracts, surface marine water and exotic plants found under the sea. The special liposome delivery system place ingredients exactly where they need to be on the skin. These products are dermatologist tested, nonirritating and paraben-free.

Benefits of Luminique

The benefits of using this amazing skin care line are seemingly endless! Notice visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles, a more radiant complexion, a youthful glow and younger looking skin. See smoother, firmer, softer skin the next time you look in the mirror. Fine lines, especially around the eyes, seem to just melt away. Notice results immediately and continue using for longer-term effects. Visibly reduce the appearance of new and existing sun damage to your skin. Start using this amazing product to begin appearing younger than you are today!

Our Luminique Test

When compared to other moisturizers, Luminique certainly stands out in the crowd. When we asked two women to try the Age-Defying Complex for three months, they saw undeniable results, as opposed to the two women we asked to use a plain, generic facial moisturizer. Both groups saw softer skin, but only those who used the Age-Defying Complex saw a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes. The first group noticed smoother, firmer skin right away. At the end of the three months, the group that used the Age-Defying Complex saw less fine line around their eyes; smoother, firmer skin and a glowing complexion. All were certainly happy with their results.

Reviews on Luminique

“I am only 35 years old, but until recently you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I have spent most of my life outdoors. As a child, we camped and swam in lakes and I never wore sunscreen. No one did! As I got older, I started taking up other outdoor sports, like mountain climbing and kayaking and even running. All of these activities were great for my body but terrible for my face. The constant exposure to the elements – sun, wind, dirt – has done a number on my skin. Before trying this product I was definitely in need of a miracle skin care product. My face was dry, rough, wrinkled and simply old-looking. I had too many fine lines around my eyes to even count. I was occasionally even mistaken for my son’s grandmother! Now that was hard to take. That’s when I decided I had to try something. After just a few weeks of using the Age-Defying Complex, I feel like a new woman – a younger one! I look years younger! My skin tone is firmer and smoother. I have a glowing complexion like you see on celebrities on TV for crying out loud! Who would have guessed that this little bottle could do all that! I am a believer!”
Sara, age 35

“OK, so I’ve never really had the best skin. In high school, I had acne. Bad. As an adult I had finally gotten rid of the pimples just to suddenly have old-lady wrinkles instead. It seems I couldn’t win the skin care fight. Until now! I started using the Age-Defying Complex first, then when I saw how great the results were I started using the cleanser and toner as well. I noticed almost immediate results. Now, just a few weeks later, my skin is completely changed. It feels softer and firmer and like it is plumped up somehow. I no longer look like the sun has destroyed my face. I look years younger. I feel like I have been given a fresh start with my new skin!”
Carrie, age 39

“I am aging and my skin is definitely starting to show it. I love being a grandma and don’t even mind looking like one. But I certainly don’t want to look like a great-grandma! I was starting to look much, much older than my years and I didn’t like it one bit. I am still a very active, energetic woman who can keep up with my grandkids step for step. But I didn’t look like it. Most people who didn’t know me would automatically assume that I was too old to do much more than sit in a rocker. That was enough for me to want to make a change! I want to look the way I feel and I feel like a much younger woman than my years. So I tried the Age-Defying Complex in the hopes that it would help me look my age or maybe even younger. Within the first few weeks I noticed that some of my fine lines had vanished. My skin was plumper and firmer and smoother … and I was a happy woman who finally looked the way I felt – younger than my years!”
Sophia, age 60

“I have always looked young. When I was in my teens and early 20s I thought of it as a curse. No one ever took me seriously or believed I was how old I said I was. At some point as an adult it became a blessing and I enjoyed looking so much younger than my peers. Then I had children – 3 boys! Something about three pregnancies or the stress of raising three boys or maybe just the years of not taking care of my skin because there was always someone else to take care of, took a toll on my skin. I suddenly looked older than I was. I stopped getting the comments about how young I looked. No one mistook me for the younger sister anymore. Everyone could see how old I really was. It was written all over my face, unfortunately. So I decided to try something new. My boys had gotten a little bit older and I finally had time to focus on myself. I decided to spoil me and try a new skin care product. The Age-Defying Complex in amazing! I would recommend it to anyone! Within days I was starting to look younger again. Now, after 4 months of using this product I feel like my old self again. I look younger than I am and people are telling me how incredible I look. That hasn’t happened in years! Someone even mistook my for one of my teenage son’s friends the other day, rather than his mom. Unbelievable! I will never go back to old-looking, wrinkled, uneven skin again. My skin is firm, smooth, radiant and glowing! I wouldn’t trade that for the world!”
Karen, age 45


Don’t forget to protect your skin from the elements as well. Always apply a sunscreen of at least 15 SFP and stay out of the sun during peak hours – from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wear a hat and sit in the shade if possible. Wash off the dirt and grime with the Luminique cleanser after a long day out in the world. Moisturize your face each and every night, preferably with the Age-Defying Complex. Proper skin care is essential for a youthful appearance in the future, so start caring for your skin now with the Luminique line of skin care products. Spoil your skin and look years younger as a result.

If you want younger-looking, fresher skin, the Luminique skin care line is your go-to skin care solution. Enjoy firmer, smoother skin and a youthful glowing expression from the first day of use. Tired of looking your age? Take years off your appearance with Luminique Age-Defying Complex, Cleaner, Toner and 90 Packs. Need a facial pick-me-up in a pinch? Keep a few 90 Packs in your purse for instant radiance and wrinkle reduction. Use the Age-Defying Complex daily to continue enjoying these results for years to come.

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