HMR Diet

HMR Diet

The HMR Diet was founded in 1983 by a team of clinicians looking to create a diet plan that not only focused on weight loss but on health and helping people stay on track or “in the box” as the HMR Diet like to call it. There are two options for the HMR Diet either via a clinic or medical centre or a home plan. Both plans have you collecting specially portioned and balanced meals, shakes, snacks, soup and cereal. You just have to add in any vegetables and fruit if your plan calls for it.

How Does the HMR Diet Work?

The HMR Diet works by controlling portions and food choices, it starts off with two phases. The first phase has you having three HMR Diet shakes, two HMR Diet entree meals and five servings of vegetables and fruit. These foods can be mixed and matched and extra food can be eaten if you feel you need it or are going hungry. In this phase it is recommended that you have food available wherever you go, at home, the office, at work, a friends so you aren’t tempted by other foods. They even go as far to say to avoid social gatherings that will involve food choices that are off plan. There is a very large focus in you being focused on what you are eating, some may find this hard but it does teach you moderation and control. Phase two happens when you have reached your desired weight through phase one where you’re expected to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Phase two is maintenance, you still eat some of the HMR Diet food and snacks but you also start to incorporate your own foods and there’s a large focus on lifestyle changes. This can be making your own healthy recipes and knowing what are good choices when in a restaurant. Along with the food on the HMR Diet you also have weekly coaching sessions with dieticians while psychologists will help keep you active and motivated. Exercise is very much encouraged as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. There’s also two ways to undertake the HMR Diet one is by going to a clinic and talking with medical professionals and speaking to the dieticians there while you pick up your food. The other is HMR Diet at Home. With both you are asked to chart your food and weight changes to keep a record of your achievements.

Who is Suited to the HMR Diet?

The HMR Diet is great for people who like to have the effort and fuss taken out of losing weight but also like to have some variation and control. Although you are given foods as part of the HMR Diet you are not restricted and the food choices are pretty good. They include every day foods that do not need to be refrigerated and have long expiry dates on them. You can mix and match and even eat extra if needed leading on to just eating your own food once you feel you’re able to.

As well as helping those who are overweight it can help many who are at risk of heart disease or who have high blood pressure because the HMR Diet is low in fat. Also for those who may be lacking in some nutrients the HMR Diet shakes are great because they don’t just act as a filler, they contain vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet while losing weight. The shakes aren’t just powdered and made with water, they have to be blended and are very filling and easy to transport to work, making them useful for a quick lunch. People who struggle with feeling full will enjoy the HMR Diet as you eat six times a day or more if you are hungry but there’s a need to stop when you feel full so some self control and moderation is required. Vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten free diet can also access the HMR Diet so there’s no need to be put off by the meals, there’s plenty of meat free options.

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