Have you ever been surprised to find out that a famous person was years older than you’d always thought? Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars manage to avoid the signs of ageing that us mere mortals have to put up with so reluctantly? Sure, some of it is down to the money they earn providing them access to the very best in fashion, healthcare, and personal beauticians to give them every edge they can take in the youthfulness stakes, but there’s more to it than that.


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More stars than would care to admit it are no strangers to the surgeon’s knife or the Botox needle, but both of these methods can result in long term damage and unnatural looking results. No, the reason so many celebrities seem able to defy age is that they know the importance of rejuvenated skin in retaining youthful looks, and how to achieve it using the best that science can offer in dermal protection and revitalisation.

Until recently, this was a secret that no one wanted to let out, but now you too can enjoy the benefits that advancements in the understanding of dermal science have brought, with a revolutionary all-natural skincare package that’s known as BellaVei, available only to a select few online and without any visit to the cosmetic surgeon necessary.

What Exactly is BellaVei?

BellaVei is a system of skin serums and creams that work together in tandem to take years off the apparent age of your skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and eliminating the dark circles and unsightly blemishes that reveal our true ages. Advanced scientific testing has shown just how potent a product BellaVei is, and how it can outperform expensive treatments like Botox and laser surgery without any of the significant risks that can result from all such invasive procedures.

BellaVei’s totally natural and organic active ingredients work with your body and not against it, providing not only the perfect conditions for your skin to fight back against premature ageing, but also working to roll back the years and help you regain that youthful glow you remember so well.

The Extraordinary Benefits of the BellaVei Skincare System

When you think of an anti-ageing skincare system you’re probably thinking of reducing wrinkles – and this is of course hugely important, but for really positive results you need to look deeper than that. Not only does BellaVei utilise powerful isolates that increase the levels of collagen and elastin to smooth the skin and fight wrinkles, its advanced organic compounds actively work to restore skin tone, reduce unsightly blemishes, and improve your natural skin colour to reduce that tired, washed out look that can add years to your actual age. With BellaVei you can expect:

Crows Feet Stamped On – The skin around your eyes is the first place that premature wrinkling and fine lines can make their unwelcome appearance. By both moisturising your skin and boosting your natural cellular regeneration mechanisms, BellaVei works to smooth these lines out and stall their attempts to reappear in the future.

Dark Circles Eliminated – Poor overall skin health causes discolouration around the eyes, resulting in displeasing dark areas under and around the eyes. These circles make you look more tired and older, but with a powerful skincare package like BellaVei they will quickly become a thing of the past.

Age Spots Sent Packing – Nothing says advancing age more than unsightly blotches on your skin, known as age spots or liver spots. These are caused by long exposure to the Sun’s ultra violet rays, which in the short term can give a wonderful sun tan but as we age can cause leathery skin and those unattractive blemishes. As well as restoring skin health to bring back vitality and radiance, BellaVei contains powerful Ultra Violet Ray Blockers which are just as powerful as those found in medical grade sun protection formulations.

Laughter Lines Lessened – Laughter lines are no joke when it comes to retaining the youthful appearance you’ve always enjoyed and coveted. BellaVei’s intensely bio-active ingredients cultivate sub-dermal structures that smooth out the fine lines on your cheeks and forehead, wiping years off your visible age.

Sagging Skin Bolstered – As skin loses its natural elasticity and suppleness, it can start to sag alarmingly. If allowed to continue, this will result in extensive wrinkling that can be very hard to undo without invasive procedures such as Botox. BellaVei stops this process in its tracks and can even begin to reverse the unwanted results if you’ve left it a little late to combat dermal drooping.

BellaVei’s Powerful, Organic and Natural Ingredients


Arbutin is glycosylated hydroquinone extracted from natural berry sources. It is clinically proven to have powerful anti-melanin effects, meaning that it has been put to use as a medically approved skin lightener. Arbutin is now available as an essential part of the BellaVei system, co-operating with the other potent ingredients to mitigate against the dark circles and skin blemishes which contribute so much to our skin looking old before its time.

Vitamin C

BellaVei’s sources of concentrated vitamin C provide powerful anti-oxidant effects. Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring compounds that protect the body’s cells from the damage caused by so-called Free Radicals which are in the air all around us as a result of our constant bombardment with solar and cosmic rays. Free radicals are scientifically known to cause cellular degradation in all parts of the body’s tissues, which shows up in the skin as wrinkling and a loss of elasticity, and BellaVei is a powerful ally in the fight against free radical damage.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seeds are also packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrient bioflavanoids which both protect the skin and have proven anti-inflammatory aspects. Extracting and concentrating these substances gives BellaVei unsurpassed power in the battle against skin damage that comes with the passing of the years. Grapefruit seed extract is also a known non-toxic anti-bacterial agent which when used as part of the BellaVei system radically purges the facial skin of damaging compounds which can work against your dermal structure from the inside out.

Evening Primrose Oil

This ancient wild plant was traditionally used in Native American Indian medicine to treat skin complaints and promote faster healing of wounds. It contains high levels of gamma-linolenic acid and its precursors, which have been shown to be fundamentally important in the correct working of skin cells. Evening Primrose oil, in combination with BellaVei’s other powerful ingredients, works to restore depleted collagen and elastin levels in the dermal structure, resulting in a more supple and flexible skin which is the sworn enemy of wrinkling and lines.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter has remarkable properties that promote skin moisturisation and elasticity, giving your skin its underlying strength to fight off those ever-invading lines and wrinkles and providing the foundations to fill in the deficiencies that have caused any existing dermal creasing.


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A Sample of BellaVei Reviews

We have received hundreds of powerful testimonials from satisfied BellaVei customers past and present, and here are just a few we’ve selected from our bulging postbag.

Eleanor, 43, from Cardiff emailed: “I just want to say thanks to everyone at BellaVei headquarters for taking years off my looks. The adverts seemed too good to be true, but my siser in law convinced me to give your skincare system a try, and I’m very glad I did! I hope you have plenty of BellaVei in stock as I’m going to keep on ordering it!”

Sally, 39, from Yorkshire said: “Thanks to BellaVei I’m happy to look in the mirror every morning, and I’m no longer slapping on the foundation to try and cover up the lines on my skin which seemed to be multiplying day by day. My friends say I look much better, and they’ve noticed how I suddenly seem to be happier and more confident – and I put this 100% to BellaVei, so once again, thanks!”

Sabine, 35, wrote to us from Dusseldorf to say: “Earlier this year I visited my sister who now lives in London England, and I was surprised at how much younger she now looked since leaving Germany two years ago. I wondered if it was something to do with the famous British climate with its constant rain keeping her skin moist, but she said no – it was all down to a treatment she’d been introduced to by her colleagues. She told me all about the BellaVei system, how easy it was to apply and how quickly she’d seen the results, and urged me to try it. As soon as I got back home I ordered a trial pack, and I’ve never looked back! Thanks to BellaVei I feel and look like the years have fallen away. Wunderbar!”

Note: All names have been changed to protect medical privacy in line with our published policies.

BellaVei Put to the Test

We wanted to test for ourselves that the excellent results we’d got back from our clinical testing laboratory during BellaVei development were reproducible in everyday life, with everyday people using the BellaVei skincare system exactly how it says in the instructions. Our seven volunteer test subjects agreed to use the BellaVei skincare package – and nothing else – for just four weeks, and report the results back to us every week. This is what we were told.

Week One: All our respondents reported a smoother, more natural-feeling skin on all parts of their faces. Any spots of dryness and flaking were less noticeable, while the skin generally felt more supple and less tight. No one reported any effects on wrinkling or lines so far.

Week Two: Once again all our BellaVei Test volunteers said that their skins were feeling great, and five of the seven said that they could see visible effects including a healthier face looking back at them when they looked in the mirror. Two people also said that their fine lines around the eyes were starting to look less visible, an effect that they put down to increased moisturisation causing the lines to be less deeply ingrained.

Week Three: Things began to get interesting as now four of the seven reported definite signs of the fine lining on their skin fading away, as the BellaVei formula really started to kick in. We were told by more than one person that they’d by this stage received complements from friends, asking if they’d changed their haircut or make-up as they looked different and younger.

Week Four: By now the verdict was unanimous, and all of our BellaVei guinea pigs confirmed their skin felt better than it had in years, and looked visibly fresher with a healthy glow and almost no dark circles or other blemishes. All seven now agreed that their fine lines were fading fast, and three told us they were convinced their more entrenched wrinkles were starting to be effected too. All seven trialists told us they fully intended to carry on using BellaVei even though the test was now over.

Although we recognise that our BellaVei test wouldn’t pass all the conditions necessary for full FDA or NHS certification – both of those are long and complicated processes that we’ve already started upon – we believe that this informal trial gives an excellent indication of the results you can expect when you give BellaVei the chance to demonstrate its remarkable power.

BellaVei in Summary

If you’re becoming increasingly worried by the signs of encroaching age on your skin, you owe it to yourself to check out BellaVei’s remarkable ability to turn back the clock and wipe years off your appearance, all completely naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. If you’ve been considering Botox or even cosmetic surgery in a bid to roll back the advancing tide of age, then BellaVei is a cheaper, healthier and more natural alternative that has been shown to provide startling results when used strictly according to the instructions.

After a few weeks of easy and painless treatment with BellaVei, you can expect younger-looking skin with less wrinkles and fine lining, a return to the radiant glow of youth, and a hugely significant reduction in dark circling and unsightly blotching. No longer need you be afraid to look in the mirror every morning – BellaVei brings you the previously closely guarded secret of extended youth that celebrities want to keep to themselves.

Fill in the form now to tell us where to send your advanced BellaVei skincare system, and experience for yourself the amazing power this all-natural wonder can bring to your daily life – you definitely won’t regret it.

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